27. Painting Blue

27. Painting Blue

Acrylic on canvas
40 × 60 cm

Starting price 450 €
Gathering at Kogo Auction on June 5th 2021

For the auction, Alexei Gordin has donated his painting “Painting Blue” (2020) in which with a tongue in cheek attitude he continues to comment on the complex relationship between the artist and art market.

Alexei Gordin (1989) has a background as a painter, but he also fluently uses different media and works with drawing, photography, video, and performance. The main subject matter of his artistic practice is absurdly stereotypical thinking and behaviour patterns of people in contemporary mass society. Gordin’s works are almost always narrative in nature and often cover exciting or annoying situations. In the early years of his career, filthy slums, empty industrial landscapes, marginalised and stigmatised social groups, and vulgar jokes constituted the core atmosphere of Gordin’s work. Now the harsh reality of the art world has become one of his main topics and the artist has himself become the protagonist. Scenes scattered with black humour deconstruct the image of the professional art world as something elitist and glamorous.

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