Gathering at Kogo

A fundraiser including Patreon, Kickstarter, an auction and more

Here at Kogo Gallery, we are seeking ways to give more – to develop our public programme, make our exhibitions more accessible, build partnerships, and expand our international presence, for which, participating at Liste Art Fair Basel this autumn gives a great opportunity.

To take these steps, we need resources, which are always scarce in our field. We will continue submitting applications to public funds but we also need to find new ways of paving the way towards the destination we have set.

For the first time, we are holding a substantial fundraising campaign that includes a monthly donations page on Patreon, crowdfunding on Kickstarter, an auction and some smaller elements. The aim is to gather people, who would like to contribute to the thriving of Kogo Gallery and the artists we are working with.

Auction day

On the 5th of June, Kogo Gallery will hold a fundraising auction day with over 40 artworks and sketches on sale donated by 22 artists from Estonia and abroad. Artists, who have donated works for the auction: Kristi Kongi, Laura Põld, Eike Eplik, Martiini, Alexei Gordin, Eva Mustonen, Paul Kuimet, Johannes Luik, Edith Karlson, Holger Loodus, Kadri Toom, Anna Mari Liivrand, Uku Pira, Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova, Thomas Wattebled, Bruno Goose, Elīna Vītola, GolfClyderman, Amanda Ziemele, Anastasia Sosunova, Congregation of Chaos, Xénia Lucie Laffely.

In addition to the auction, several talks, workshops and networking opportunities will take place. If Covid-19 restrictions allow, the auction will happen both online and physically at Aparaaditehas in Tartu.


On Patreon, you can set up a monthly donation to support Kogo Gallery and the artists represented by us. Supporters will get an insight into the gallery’s day-to-day work and may pitch ideas.

One-time donations

If you would like to support the gallery with a one-time donation, please use the bank details below. We are immensely grateful for any contributions, every little counts!

Name: MTÜ Kogo galerii
Account number: EE142200221072092333
Bank: Swedbank

Art buyer gets a VIP pass to Liste

To support both the gallery and the artists, we encourage you to buy artworks from our website. We will give a VIP pass to Liste Art Fair Basel to one buyer purchasing an artwork before the 5th of June.


In the month running up to the exhibition, we are also going to hold a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Stay tuned.