Holger Loodus’ solo show can be viewed from outside

01/04/2021 by Liina Raus

Due to the current restrictions, Kogo gallery is closed, yet the solo exhibition Reimagining the Old Slopes by an Estonian artist Holger Loodus can be now viewed from outside. On-site, there is an audioguide and instructions, theatre binoculars and disinfector, the exhibition space is illuminated, the gallery is on the ground floor and block-shaped enabling to see the whole space.

Kogo gallery in collaboration with the artist Holger Loodus created an audioguide providing insight into each artwork at the exhibition Reimagining the Old Slopes. A visitor can listen to the audioguide on his/her phone; floorplan helps to navigate in the space; names of the audio files and artworks are the same. The texts are written and the Estonian version also narrated by the artist himself, the English version is narrated by Michael Haagensen.

  • The exhibition space is illuminated 24 hours from Wednesday to Sunday each week until the doors can be opened again.
  • There are two pairs of theatre binoculars enabling to observe also details of the artworks. The visitors are kindly asked to disinfect the binoculars before using them.
  • The exhibition can be viewed outside independently, team members of the gallery are not present.
  • The exhibition by Holger Loodus will remain open to date unknown.
  • For a distanced exhibition experience, audioguide can be combined with photos of artworks and exhibition views.

With the exhibition “Reimagining Those Old Slopes”, the artist Holger Loodus modernises the hill of purgatory created by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri at the beginning of the 14th century. He aims to look at how a mystical object loses its moralizing content to become an easily acceptable attractive design object. The exhibition consists of oil paintings, photographs, projections and objects. Along with the exhibition comes the publication with visual material compiled by Holger Loodus and the text by Tanel Rander.

Holger Loodus’ solo show “Reimagining Those Old Slopes” is the first exhibition in the Kogo gallery’s exhibition program entitled Ecology – Economy, as a kind of ‘vibe’ – a general area that only seems to attract more discussion during these turbulent times. Through its program in 2021 Kogo gallery aims to address this complex relationship both directly and metaphorically through projects including solo exhibitions as well as international group shows and collaborative projects.

The graphic designer of the exhibition and publication is Aleksandra Samulenkova.
The texts were written by Tanel Rander; edited and translated by Refiner Translations.
Thanks: Katrin Enni, Tanel Paliale, Andres Teiss, Iris Vilu, Ivika Holm, Georg Kaasik, Kaie and Rein Loodus.
The exhibition and publication are supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment and the City of Tartu.