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    Holger Loodus (1970) is an artist mainly working with painting and installation. One of the more prominent methods in his work is the mystification of daily experiences. Loodus’ earlier work can be characterized as magical realism, whereas his later work can be better understood through notions of sci-fi or alternative histories.

    Holger Loodus graduated from the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation (BA, 2008) and the Department of Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts (MA, 2012) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In 2011 he studied in the Media Art department of Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. In 2012 Loodus was awarded the Young Artist Prize. In 2018 he received the People’s Choice Award of the Köler Prize and the annual prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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    Selected Artworks
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    Holger Loodus
    Opnl 1
    Oil on canvas
    50 x 70

    Holger Loodus found an opportunity to return to the images that had previously eaten in memory and to analyze them in the painting medium. These images have fascinated and enchanted him; they seem to have a special secret, a window into the unknown world.