Around Video

30.9.2022 — 2.10.2022


Around Video Art Fair toimub 30. septembril, 2. ja 3. oktoobril 2022 Prantsusmaal Lille’is Moxy Lille City hotellis ning on osa Lille3000 triennaali lõpunädalavahetusest

Kogo galerii näitab Ürantsusmaal Lille’s teist korda toimuval Around Video messil Läti kunstniku Līga Spunde videot, skulptuure ja digitaalseid joonistusi multimeediainstallatsioonist „There’s No Harm In Any Blessings” (2020). Teos peegeldab suhteid, turvatunnet, ülehoolitsust ja usku üleloomulikkusse kui kaitsestrateegiat. Töö idee pärineb kunstniku kogemusest suhtes oma emaga. Kuigi keegi nende perest pole eriti religioosne, viis tema armastav ema ta vaatama rändavat imetegevat Tihvini jumalaema ikooni, kui see oli välja pandud Lätis Riias. Kui Spunde emalt küsis, miks nad seisavad väga pikas järjekorras, selleks et näha ikooni, vastas ema: „Usu mind, ühestki õnnistustest pole kahju.”


In addition to Spunde’s personal stories, she used motifs from David Vetter’s, The Bubble Boy’s, unusual life, which to this day continues to give rise to questions about the experiment’s ethics. David Vetter was born on September 21, 1971, in the USA. Since birth, he suffered from severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which made his survival impossible outside a sterile environment. As soon as David was born, his parents decided to put him in a special germ-free chamber until a solution for him acquiring immunity could be found. Instead of just a few months, David spent 12 years, i.e. his entire life span, in the chamber. Even though David was provided with conditions conducive for his survival, life in the “bubble” profoundly impacted his perception of and relationship with the outer world. Just like Spunde, Vetter too came from a loving family but his parents were religious, unlike hers. Faith in a miracle and his parents’ decision to protect him from the harsh and unsafe world became the central motif of his life.

The video work is a poetic collage of facts and interpretations, using motifs from Spunde’s life, as well as the story of David Vetter. The piece contains four parts, two of which take place in a dark, abstract space. In those parts, Spunde uses the dialogue written by Vetter from a book about the boy’s life in total isolation “Bursting the Bubble: The Tortured Life and Untimely Death of David Vetter” by Raymond J. Lawrence and Mary Ada Murphy. When David got very bored, he wrote short screenplays, which he would later play out together with his psychotherapist Mary Ada Murphy. The dialogue in the video is a short and simple conversation between a wife (Vetter) and a husband (Murphy), which shows the tragedy of David’s sterile, safe, and isolated life, as well as his reaction to it.


Līga Spunde (b. 1990) is a visual artist based in Riga. In 2016, she completed her postgraduate studies in the Department of Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia; her graduation project, The Hike, was named one of the three best projects by graduates of European art academies. Spunde presents her works as multimedia installations, intertwining personal stories with deliberate fiction. The interpretations and use of recognisable characters serve as an extension of her personal experiences, tapping into universal truths. The work’s content determines the conception’s physical form leading the artist to use various media and materials in her installations.

Līga Spunde has participated in various exhibitions and art projects in Latvia and internationally. The most recent have been The Real Show (2022, CAC Brétigny, Paris), My Bitter Sweet Frankenstein Body (2022, Titanik, Turku), Screen Age III: Still Life (2022, Riga Photography Biennial, RMT, Riga), Cybervikings of Mars (2021, 427 Gallery, Riga), The Bambi Project (2021, Kogo gallery, Tartu), Being Safe Is Scary, Survival Kit 11 (2020, Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga), When Hell Is Full, the Dead Will Walk the Earth (2019, Kim? Contemporary art center, Riga), Melos (2019, Creative Art Space, Arsenāls, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga).


Represented artists: Līga Spunde
Curator: Šelda Puķīte
Project coordinator: Liina Raus
Communication: Karin Kahre, Kerli Jõgi


JPS Art Foundation
Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia

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