There Is No Harm In Any Blessing

There Is No Harm In Any Blessing

Digital drawing 5+2 AP
57 × 38 cm

The title of the digital drawing “There’s No Harm In Any Blessing” as well as the idea for the art piece originates from the personal experience the artist had with her mother in an Orthodox church. Although none of them are particularly religious, her loving mother brought her to see the travelling wonder-working icon Theotokos of Tikhvin. When Līga Spunde asked her mother what are they doing, she answered: “Believe me, there’s no harm in any blessings.” This work is a reflection on relationships, sense of security, overprotection, and faith in the supernatural as a defence strategy.


About the artist

Līga Spunde (1990) presents her works as multimedia installations, intertwining personal stories with deliberate fiction. References to different times and symbols are incorporated, building a vast yet subtle web. The precision of interpretation and new-found contexts become an extension of personal experience, attaining generally accepted truths. In 2016, she completed her postgraduate studies in the Department of Visual Communication at the Latvian Academy of Arts; her graduation project, The Hike, was named one of the three best projects by graduates of European art academies.

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