Publication “Reimagining Those Old Slopes”

Publication “Reimagining Those Old Slopes”

21× 14,8 cm

The publication for Holger Loodus solo show  “Reimagining Those Old Slopes ” at Kogo gallery. The publication contains visual material compiled by Holger Loodus, including his photos and the essay by Tanel Rander. As a whole it combines images and thoughts about Dante Alighieri’s  “Divine Comedy ” especially its volume 2 “Purgatorio” with thoughts and images about the modernity.

In two languages: Estonian and English
Translation and language editing: Refiner translations
Graphic design: Aleksandra Samulenkova

ISBN 978-9916-9605-0-9
20 pages including covers, all in same paper, 21× 14,8 cm (A5)
Paper: recycled paper Nautilus Classic 120g
Colour: 1+1 (black and white)
Edition: 500
Printing: Trükikoda Paar

Freely available at the exhibition.