Dunno on The Moon

Dunno on The Moon

Mural on the wall in acrylic ink, industrial alcyd on canvas panel

Bored as he was, Dunno often watched at the painting on 
the wall with the weird ticks and scrawls, and tried to 
understand what the painting shows.

“My dear brother, don’t look at the picture so much,” Kozlik advised him. “Don’t try to rack your brain. It is impossible to understand it. All painters paint like that only because the rich people buy such paintings only. One draws such ticks, the other paints incomprehensible curves, and some just put a liquid paint in a bowl and throw it in the middle of the canvas creating an absurd and weird spot. You just look at the spot and don’t get anything. It is just rubbish! But the rich stare at it and praise. “We, say, don’t even need the painting to be comprehensible. We don’t want an artist to teach us something. The rich get everything without the artist, but the poor doesn’t need to understand anything. That’s why they are poor not to understand anything and live in obscurantism.” See how he talks! …”

Nikolay Nossov. Dunno on the Moon. 1965.