Elīna Vītola

installation, painting, performance

Elīna Vītola (born in 1986) studied painting in Riga, where she currently lives and works.

Painting, the picturesque and the points where they connect with everyday triviality are central issues in the oeuvre of Vītola. Her works are cheerful, curious, funny, visually challenging and play with Painting in the most diverse situations. The artist approaches colours, painting and painted objects in a conceptual way, posing humorous questions about its subject matter, technique and material. So in the exhibition space she presents a series of similar paintings depicting floor lamps, a nostalgic coffee thermos design and a page from a children’s book published in the Soviet era, on the last two of which she has discovered a vague abstract painting.

In her CV, Vītola had chosen to point out that she is interested in art and canned fruits — this phrase could be taken as a key handed to the viewer to unlock her works.


Elīna Vītola, born in 1986, lives and works in Riga, Latvia.


2018 Art Academy of Latvia, Painting (MA)
2015 Art Academy of Latvia, Painting (BA)
2006 Janis Rozentals Riga Art High School, qualification Illustrator

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Artist Crisis Center II: Tact Gear, with Ieva Kraule- Kūna. P/////AKT, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2020 Artist Crisis Center. Nutritional Guide. Together with Ieva Kraule-Kūna and Daria Melnikova. ARS Factory, Tallinn, Estonia.
2020 Sol LeWitt’s WD #719with Amanda Ziemele,  427, Riga, Latvia.
2019 Commissionwith Amanda Ziemele and Marta Trektere. Elephant Stables at Riga Circus, Latvia.
2019 Common  Issues in Painting and Everyday Life – Solo Exhibition. ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia.
2019 Artist Crisis Center with Ieva Kraule- Kūna. LOW gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2019 Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life -The Booth. Art Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2019 Monumental Café with Amanda Ziemele. Maboca Festival, Madona, Latvia.
2018 Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life: Content. Careva contemporary, Riga, Latvia.
2018 Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life: Crapstraction. Kogo gallery, Tartu, Estonia.
2017 Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life 3 — Landscape. Kolekcionārs, Riga, Latvia.
2017 Dunno on the moon. 427 Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2013 no/birches/inside/me Vol.2. Kuupmeetri Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia,

Group Exhibitions

2020 Black Market. Kim?, Riga, Latvia.
2020 Daria Melnikova’s Palette: Three-legged Evidence. Manifesta 13 Biennial / Les Parallèles du Sud, Marseille, France.
2020 Time to Dream or Fear? Kogo Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.
2019 Black Market.Kim?, Riga, Latvia.
2019 When the Hunger Starts. Project Space Festival, Berlin, Germany.
2018 Viewing and Reading Room. Curated by Liina RausKogo Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.
2018 MA graduation exhibition, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.
2017 Children of the New East. Curated by Siim Preiman. Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.
2017 Bikini Zona. Jūrmala City Museum, Jūrmala, Latvia.
2016 Too Far East is West. Alūksne, Latvia.
2015 Apzīmētājs. Tobacco factory, Riga, Latvia.
2013 Elīna+Madara 0123456789. Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.
2012 Warning. Gallery L, Riga, Latvia.


2018 Nordic and Baltic Young Artist Award, Grand Prix
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278, , 1,
Installation: sofa, rolled up painting, oil on canvas, 210 × 2000 cm cm, 2018
1117, , 1,
Mural on the wall in acrylic ink, industrial alcyd on canvas panel, 2017-2018
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724, , 1,
Industrial paint on canvas, 130 x 78,5 cm cm, 2017
1700 €
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