Unseen Amsterdam

20.9.2019 — 22.9.2019

At Unseen Kogo is pleased to represent Mari-Leen Kiipli with her award-winning installation Passiflora (2017) and two new photo series Scarecrow (2019) and A Riddle of the Heart (2019).

2017. Video installation: three channels, semitransparent mirror glass, objects, measurements variable.
Video installation Passiflora creates an environment of transparencies and reflections, using slow-motion HD videos on translucent screens and semi-transparent mirrors that propose multiple perspectives of the space. The work mobilizes the body of the viewer and establishes a relation with the image through the use of reflection, objects, light and video projection. The starting point of this work was the discipline of nature documentaries. Mari-Leen Kiipli is fascinated by the mixture of scientific facts, human values, conscience and an expression of mood. The human identity is usually regarded in opposition to nature and it takes the form of a responsible guardian. The animals, environment and earth become untouched others that need taking care of. To display Passiflora Kiipli creates a landscape, a spatial situation, which is inhabited with cinematic moments, scenes, fragments. She divides the space, creates walking paths – both for the visitor as well as for the desire.

2019. An ongoing photo series of nightly walks. Made during a residency in Nida Art Colony.

2019. Fashion photo series
The photo series features a dancing straw woman, an active and fun-loving version of the scarecrow that can be seen as an opposite to a passive-aggressive form of a straw man designed to scare away the birds and protect the field. Mari-Leen Kiipli is interested in different kinds of crafted beings, mythological and fantastic creatures – zombies, puppets, scarecrows, cyborgs, mannequins, robots – their nature, role and connection with the human world. Made during a residency in Nida Art Colony.

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