Liste Art Fair Basel 2022

13.6.2022 — 19.6.2022

At Liste Art Fair Basel 2022, Kogo Gallery presents the artworks of two Estonian artists – Kristi Kongi and Laura Põld – in a joint stand (E)MOTIONAL LANDSCAPES. Both artists using their own significant materials and techniques create landscapes as sensitive reflections of the time we live in. By combining them we are creating a joint, spatial and site-specific landscape born from two different experiences and states of alertness.

When imagining the landscape of the world today, the image that seems to appear is rather biblical. There is plague, flood, fire, war, migration, isolation and depression. The neuroses of society are growing, creating a fruitful environment for the development of magical thinking, which while helping to broaden our view of the world, can also spread darkness and fear. The stand is envisioned as a magical albeit apocalyptic atlas of the world where artists can show their emotionally felt landscapes, which, rephrasing Björk’s song Jóga, have pushed them up to their own state of emergency.


The participation is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, City of Tartu.


Represented artists: Kristi Kongi and Laura Põld
Curator: Šelda Puķīte
Project coordinator: Liina Raus
Communication: Karin Kahre, Kerli Jõgi
Graphic designer: Silver Sikk

Open the series
Watercolour, gel pen on paper, wooden frame, glass, 28 × 24 cm, 2020 – 2022
Burlap, yarn, cord, felt, 90 × 95 cm, 2022
Open the series
2021-2022. It is a series of small fountains, volcanoes and water basins made of ceramics, ultrasonic misters, smoke machines, LED lights and fountain pumps.
Tufted rugs, 2 larger, 6 small pieces, 80 × 80 / 70 × 40 cm, 2021

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