Equilibrium Delay

24/01/2020 — 07/03/2020

Curators: Kulla Laas (EE) and Kaisa Maasik (EE)
Exhibition design: Kaisa Sööt (EE)
Graphic design: Aleksandra Samulenkova (LV/NL)

The artist films exhibited in the international group show all share a continuous aspiration toward balance. The focus is on body and movement, particularly the limbo between losing and finding one’s balance. The characters portrayed are bound in their states of pursuit, a lingering mood of uncertainty.

The techniques, rhythms and devices exposed with the works share a common part in momentum – inertia or impetus, which could mean both losing and beginning something, a test of strength, a process of growth. It is a drive to compete; not necessarily to defeat an opponent, but rather to test boundaries so as to gain an understanding of oneself and how to be together, to achieve synchronicity.

The spatial set-up of the exhibition is based on the timed presentation of the works, which directs the movement and gaze of the exhibition visitor, and allows for an active viewing. The installative framework also brings the personal stories of the works physically closer to the viewer.

7/3/2020 at 3 pm Martiini impro „parlanks“
25/1/2020 at 3 pm Curatorial tour with Kaisa Maasik and Kulla Laas

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the City of Tartu, the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, BioMari OÜ, Pühaste Brewery and Salibar OÜ.

Exhibition views: Kaisa Maasik