Diana Tamane

Diana Tamane (born in 1986) studied photography in Tartu and participated in artists’ residency programmes in Porto, Brussels and Ghent. She currently lives and works in Tartu.

The starting point of Tamane’s artistic practice is her family story. In the exhibition hall, she exhibits photo series, videos, and installations of found objects that focus on issues such as relationships in the artist’s family, everyday life and career choices, routine activities. On one hand, the autobiographical material talks about the artist’s search for identity and existential challenges, on the other hand, the subjects in her oeuvre could be metaphorically expanded to a typical Eastern European family and society. In her works, Tamane tells us, through personal memories, about the survival strategies, memories, and dreams of working-class Eastern Europeans. Often the stories around her works seem insignificant and simple, but they are also human and lovely.

In 2016 Tamane won the ‘Friends of the S.M.A.K. Prize’ in Ghent, and the Young Belgian Talent Award in Antwerp, in 2017 she was awarded Outset Estonia Acquisition Fund and the Riga Photography Biennial Prize.

More info on Diana Damane’s homepage.

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