Interior with Two Stones

Interior with Two Stones

Graphite, paper
21 × 30 cm

Johannes Luik was inspired by conversations with old sculptors in creating his works “Observer”, “Observers I-III”, “Interior with Oak and Stone” and “Interior with Two Stones”. Johannes, too, is a sculptor and has his own particular relationship to stone. For an artist, stone is a friend and an enemy, a pet and a partner. “The stone resisted,” “The stone must be defeated,” “A lot of effort must be put into domesticating the stone,” say old sculptors. In this exhibition, a large slab of stone has become the head of a creature that stares back at us in the space. When we get close to it, it moves a little. Today, our living environment is refined to the degree that it is difficult to find cold bare stone in flats in the city. Stone enters our everyday life as a hissing stove in the sauna or as a souvenir sitting on a mantlepiece, reminding us of a distant beach. His work “Observer” brings a large stone into the room with a completely different purpose – it needs to be looked at and considered, its function is to be present in the space as nothing more than stone.

The drawing is from the exhibition “Home of Good Thoughts”.