Couch Grass – Elymus Repens

Couch Grass – Elymus Repens

Bend metal wires, wooden board
45 x 33 x 7 cm

A sculpture from the series “Do You See Them As Well?“.

Eike Eplik’s newest project “Do You See Them As Well” (2021) with bent metal wires as the main form introduces a new chapter in the artist’s interpretation of the relationship between humans and nature. The artist uses plants commonly found in Estonian meadows, recreating them with man-made materials. These important elements in sustaining the biological diversity are often overlooked and mistreated as weeds. By recreating these plants in fantastical forms, Eplik urges us to ask what the environment we live in is like and whether we think about those we share it with or whether we even know how to share?

The series “Do You See Them As Well” was first exhibited in Eike Eplik’s solo exhibition “Shared territory” at Tartu Art Museum in 2021.