Combler le vide

Combler le vide

photo, chewing gum, edition 1/3
225 x 112 cm

About the artist

Jean-Baptiste Bonhomme, 35, sees photography as “therapy in a world that is sometimes sad”. At first photography is for him a way for immortalize an ephemeral practice: graffiti. “I knew that when the drawing  was done, my work could disappear quickly, that only the image would remain,” he says.

Later, the artist begins to construct culinary scenes. “Five years ago, with my partner, a culinary artist, I created a project called Bye bye Peanuts in which we invent ceremonies around the act of eating, adds Jean-Baptiste Bonhomme, for my part, I am a pastry chef, so I have a meticulous relationship with the material. ”

True culinary sculptures, the photographer’s creations are humorously inspired by pop culture and hijack brands and politicians. Among the artist’s wacky creations iwe can find a fast-food version of Trump. “I’m inspired by current events, but most of my ideas come from watching people in big commercial centers,” says the artist. “My images are often linked to our way of consuming. ”

Influenced by surrealism, more particularly the paintings of Magritte, which divert reality, Jean-Baptiste Bonhomme leaves no room for chance: “there is no retouching in my work, my achievements are sculptures above all”. He brilliantly handles humor and irony in order to denounce certain shortcomings of our society: “the different forms of addiction, environmental issues, overconsumption …” Committed food design, against a background of pop colors.

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