Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler

Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler

Tapestry (silk, different sythetic, wool and cotton threads, second-hand drawers, wood, nails)
40 × 58 × 10 cm

The title “Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler” comes from a work by Claire Zeisler called “The Red Wednesday”. She was an influential figure in the fibre arts movement in the US in the 60s and 70s. Work is a critical thought on textile and weaving history as well as a generational gap between its members.



installation, textile

About the artist

Eva Mustonen (born in 1986) studied textile design and semiotics in Tartu and Gothenburg and sculpture in Tallinn. She is currently living and working in Tallinn.

Today, Mustonen works mainly as an installation artist. In her projects personal narratives dominate that speak of being different, living somewhere in the margins of society and becoming invisible in the public sphere. In her work, she combines both the techniques of the textile design and the products of everyday acts and doings. Mustonen’s works stand out because of her usage of tightly crafted and recognisable materials and unexpectedly beautiful mystical objects. The artist seems to be inspired by everyday simplicity, the marvellous abundance of second-hand shops and the history of woman artists. Mustonen could be seen and thought about as feminist, in which the private can often have a political dimension.

In 2014, Mustonen won the Young Textile Artist Award and, in 2017, the Eduard Wiiralt Scholarship.

More works by this artist

Tapestry (silk, different sythetic, wool and cotton threads, second-hand drawers, wood, nails), 40 × 58 × 10 cm, 2013-2018
Hand-embroidery: second-hand bra, sequins, tea sieve, various threads, wire, 2016
Installation: tableware, wood, textile, 2017-...
Crochet: cotton, stuffing, wood, 75 x 80 x 18 cm cm, 2017
Knitted object: angora wool, 28 x 18 cm cm, 2013

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