8. Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler

8. Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler

Tapestry (silk, different sythetic, wool and cotton threads, second-hand drawers, wood, nails)
40 × 58 × 10 cm

Starting price 300 €
Gathering at Kogo Auction on June 5th 2021

For the auction, Eva Mustonen donated her tapestry work “Drowsy Wednesday. Homage to Claire Zeisler” (2013-2018). The title comes from a work by Claire Zeisler called “The Red Wednesday”. She was an influential figure in the fibre arts movement in the US in the 60s and 70s. Work is a critical thought on textile and weaving history as well as a generational gap between its members.

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installation, textile