Rūta Spelskytė

Rūta Spelskytė (1985) as an artist is especially interested in misunderstandings and failures by humans, as well as the interrelations between science and the extro-science fiction world. She works with rare specimens, the emission of light and pigments, imagining future alchemy, plants, animals, and senses that could be trained or found. Spelskytė studied printmaking and sculpture at Vilnius Art Academy receiving bachelor and master degrees. In 2019, she also received her doctoral degree from Vilnius Art Academy.

Exhibitions at Kogo

Milkweed milk collected from milkweed plants grown in artist's garden, glass bottle; Siberian deer blood, dried, gyps vessel, 110 x 11 cm, 2021
1040 €
Latex, pieces of skull, mounted on painted polyurethane, 14 x 11 cm, 2021
910 €
Bloodstone, wood, glass beads, 102 x 7 cm, 2021
910 €
Dried cow and chicken blood, tobacco in a glass tube on a metal handler, 15 x 7 cm, 2021
390 €