Alina Kleytman

Alina Kleytman (b 1991 Kharkiv, Ukraine) is an artist, curator and conceptual consultant. Her artistic practice encompasses sculpting, video art and curatorial projects aimed at supporting young artists.

Kleytman’s artistic approach can be identified as “hysterical realism” and employs provocation to spark dialogue. Her investigations subjectively embody today’s political and social realities through exploration of a diverse range of issues, from the boundaries of the psyche and physical body to themes of black magic, abusive relationships and depersonalisation through self-aggrandisement.

Alina is a recipient of multiple awards, including the Women in Arts prize for her impact on gender equality, awarded by United Nations Women and the Ukrainian Institute in 2021. She is also a two-time winner of the PinchukArtPrize for her works Super A in 2015 and Ask a Mom in 2018.

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