Weather I

Weather I

Polyester gum, steel, concrete
101 × 45 × 16 cm

The work is made of polyester resin that, when placed on a windowsill, pleasantly refract light and allow the sky to be seen in a different way from the inside the room. The series of clouds is inspired by the artist’s desire to “paint” the sky into space. The result of the experiment is fascinating, clouds are both dark and covered in sunlight, both ominously rainy and brightly translucent. The artist introduces her process: “I like foggy clouds very much, but when I was making them, I realised fogginess is beautiful. But it is even more beautiful when just the slightest ray of hope comes through from somewhere – something blue or yellow.” The series of clouds is the artist’s attempt to bring the real, the crispness and lightness of the outside into the room.

The cloud series “Weather” by Edith Karlson was exhibited at Kogo gallery exhibition “Home of Good Thoughts“.


installation, sculpture

About the artist

Edith Karlson (1983) is a sculptor, whose main characters are mainly humans and animals, the latter should be interpreted as symbols and allegories. The figures in Karlson’s work refer to fears that come with working as an artist and functioning in society. 

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Polyester gum, steel, concrete, 101 × 45 × 16 cm, 2019
900 €