They say… They say… They say… Fuck it!

They say… They say… They say… Fuck it!

Acrylic on paper
20 × (70 × 100) cm

Series of 20 drawings, acrylic on paper, made during a residency in Berlin for the group exhibition „Survival kit for the art market“. The video installation based on these 20 drawings can be seen at the exhibition.

About the artist

Marko Mäetamm (1965) is an artist whose work is based on personal stories, used to create existentially absurd and critical caricatures. Mäetamm has represented Estonia in the Venice Biennale twice: in 2003 (under the pseudonym John Smith, together with Kaido Ole) and in 2007. His work is characterised by an interdisciplinary, series-oriented and narrative approach, where figurative image and text carry equal weight.

Read more about Marko Mäetamm and look at her selected projects at the CCA artists database and artist website.

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