From the series ”Fog“

From the series ”Fog“

Silver mirror painting on glass, wood

Work from group exhibition ”The Bambi Project“ .

He did not understand how the others could be so carefree and happy while life was so difficult and dangerous. Then the desire seized him to go deeper and deeper into the woods. They lured him into their depths. He wanted to find some hiding place where, shielded on all sides by impenetrable thickets, he could never be seen. (Salten, p. 79)

Žilvinas Landzbergas has created a mirror drawing from the series Fog, where the drawing reflects the space around it while the background is transparent. Such a drawing creates an image that as you look, stares back at you. According to the author, Fog is a visual translation of the feeling that over-comes him whilst standing face to face with nature.