From the series ”Fog“

From the series ”Fog“

Silver mirror painting on glass, wood
126 × 126, 100 × 21 cm

Work from the group exhibition ”The Bambi Project“ .

Landzbergas has created a mirror drawing from the series Fog, where the drawing reflects the space around it while the background is transparent. Such a drawing creates an image that as you look, stares back at you. According to the author, Fog is a visual translation of the feeling that over-comes him whilst standing face to face with nature.


About the artist

Žilvinas Landzbergas (1979) is a sculptor and installation artist whose work transforms spaces into situations with their own time and place. In his installations, connections between different elements are created according to the logic of tales: the linear narrative is replaced by links involving transitions and references that do not provide definitive answers. He also weaves his personal experiences, which remain inaccessible to the viewer, into reflections on and criticisms of social and historical contexts in his work. In his later work, where conceptual continuity is particularly important, Landzbergas turns to mythical thought, the demiurgic – conceptually creative – origins, by contemplating their presence in contemporary consumer culture.

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