Dance. You’re Alive

Dance. You’re Alive

Photo on canvas
55 x 91 cm
2015/ 2020

“Dance, You’re Alive” is a view from the Burning Man 2015 Temple, The Temple of Promise, where the 2015 overall theme was Carnival of Mirrors.

“it is not a temple in recognition of any religion; it’s a neutral, non-denominational spiritual space where everyone can gather to share in the experience of remembering the past, honouring or cursing the present, and pondering the future to come” – burningman.org

We have airily lived in the “society of the spectacle”. All and everything is in relation to something and being compared to.. When all of a sudden it’s been taken and you are left with yourself – all alone. But apparently you are Alive – so what do you do.. And then it is all over again.. You Are Not Alone.. Someone is watching so you better be Dancing!

About the artist

Kristel Saan (b.1985) is a visual artist based in Tallinn. She acquired a Master’s Degree in Ceramic Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts (2015) and has also studied at Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design (2011) in London and at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (2013) in Vancouver. Saan works with large-scale installations, photography, video works, ceramics and textile pieces. The artist’s work often resembles diverse utopian areas where poetry, philosophical topics, and various unexpected organic and artificial materials intertwine, while one of the main aspects becomes the perception of object, material, and space.

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