Dance. You’re Alive

Dance. You’re Alive

Photo on canvas
55 x 91 cm
2015/ 2020

“Dance, You’re Alive” is a view from the Burning Man 2015 Temple, The Temple of Promise, where the 2015 overall theme was Carnival of Mirrors.

“it is not a temple in recognition of any religion; it’s a neutral, non-denominational spiritual space where everyone can gather to share in the experience of remembering the past, honouring or cursing the present, and pondering the future to come” – burningman.org

We have airily lived in the “society of the spectacle”. All and everything is in relation to something and being compared to.. When all of a sudden it’s been taken and you are left with yourself – all alone. But apparently you are Alive – so what do you do.. And then it is all over again.. You Are Not Alone.. Someone is watching so you better be Dancing!