”Berry Pickers“ from the installation ”Husa”

”Berry Pickers“ from the installation ”Husa”

Concrete, bent armature, raspberries
18 × 33 × 15 cm

Mari-Leen Kiipli created the installation ”Husa“ first for Haapsalu City Gallery and it was exhibited in July 2020. After that, it was exhibited together with Paul Kuimet’s photo collages Crystal Grid in Kogo gallery, Tartu. The installation ”Husa“ depicts a fantastic garden. It consists of car windows, bent armature, concrete, dripping water, second-hand jewellery, lace boots, Ensis shells, twining plants of Ipomoea genus, runner beans and raspberries. Mari-Leen describes her installation ”Husa“ as “a grove filled with thoughts, ideas and feelings as different poses, inspired by the lush urban and natural landscape. The installation creates a scene carried by night winds, emotional mazes, cars, building lots, flying insects and movement of plants.”

At Liste Art Fair Basel the ”Berry Pickers“ from the installation ”Husa“ are exhibited together twining plants of
Ipomoea genus, runner beans and Mari-Leen Kiipli’s videos under the Kogo gallery’s Greenhouse stand in dialogue with Eike Eplik‘s works.