52. From the series “Garden Exile. The Tuglas’s Home Garden”

52. From the series “Garden Exile. The Tuglas’s Home Garden”

Pigment ink print
89 × 60 cm

Starting price 200 €
Gathering at Kogo Auction on June 5th 2021

For the auction, Tanja Muravskaja donated 2 photos from her project „Garden Exile. The Tuglas’s Home Garden” (2016-2019), which was in 2019 as a site-specific installation presented in KUMU Estonian Art Museum’s exhibition “Garden Exile. The Tuglas Home Garden Through Tanja Muravskaja’s Camera Lens”. In the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre garden, the photo artist Tanja Muravskaja has searched for the Tuglases’ presence, the opportunity to escape in the garden, and the meaning of garden exile today. The artist has united documentary and poetic aspects of photography to study the photo representation of the garden of Elo and Friedebert Tuglas – now the Under and Tuglas Literary Center – the garden itself and the garden as a symbol.

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