51. Look Me in the Eye

51. Look Me in the Eye

Oil on canvas
145 × 145 cm

Starting price 400 €
Gathering at Kogo auction on June 5th

Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova has donated two paintings for the auction. “Look Me in the Eye” (2017) was part of her solo show “Demonstration” (2017) at Jop in Tartu. The painting represents, on the one hand, emotions that we would like to hide and struggle with internally, on the other hand, emotions that we gladly show to the world. “What to Maintain” (2020) is a painting from her last solo show “Don’t Avoid What is Easy – Diplomacy Meets Art” (2020) which she was also preparing at Kogo gallery in summer 2020. The exhibition was a result of two years of research involving over 100 participants from 24 European countries voicing opinions about our public surroundings.

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