48. J. Liiv Street’s Half-Celestial Lake

48. J. Liiv Street’s Half-Celestial Lake

Black and white photo (Zenit E, 35mm), collage, framed
21 × 30 cm

Starting price 100 €
Gathering at Kogo Auction on June 5th 2021

For the auction, Martiini has donated two photo collages “J. Liiv Street’s Half-Celestial Lake” (2006/2018) and “Japanese Teahouse on Tolstoy Street” (2016-2018). Both of the works are reconstructions of urban landscapes changing viewers’ perspective and playing with the meaning and message of the landscape.

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collage, photography

About the artist

Martiini (b. 1972) has studied painting and wall paintings’ restoration at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences, previously also sculpture. He also produces audiovisual and sound art. Since the late 1990s, Martiini has been actively involved in the experimental art scene in Tartu, participating in the activities of the interdisciplinary group eksp and also leading the artist-group Arvo Kolmnurk with Juka Käärmann. In 2012, the record company Õunaviks released Martiini’s album virr-varri ähvardus. Recently, he has done a musical collaboration with the creative association vmr (Villem Jahu, Martin, Riho Kall) artistic collaboration in artistic group Congregation of Chaos and verbal performances at the events of the publishing house ;paranoia.

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