Gathering at Kogo

On the 5th of June, Kogo Gallery will hold a fundraising auction day with more than 40 artworks and sketches on sale. The pieces are generously donated by 21 artists from Estonia and abroad with whom the gallery has worked over the three years.
You can see the auction works also on the exhibition from June 2-6 at Ag47 gallery (entrance from Kogo gallery). The auction will take place on June 5th physically at Aparaaditehas in Tartu, but you can also take part in the auction online. In addition to the auction, several talks, workshops and networking opportunities will take place.

graphite on paper, 30 × 21cm, 2020
Etching on paper, edition 6/7, 38,5 × 27,8cm, 2019
Etching on paper, edition 7/7, 38,5 × 27,8cm, 2019
graphite on paper, 30 × 21cm, 2020